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Save time and effort organising training. Book your training for the best price without having to source quotes and speak to providers!

Training Auction connects you to specialist training providers for the training you want, when you want it.  One platform to identify providers, find the best placed provider and book your courses with ease.

Sourcing and organising can be time consuming. Training Auction makes it easy.

Training Auction provides an online training platform where buyers can specify what training they want, when they want it and where they want it. Training providers that can deliver those requirements submit their best bid in an open auction where all providers can see the bids (enabling providers to revise their prices if they want to be the cheapest).  The buyer can then see which training providers have bid and can select the one they want to engage. 

Simply upload your training requirement and specialist training providers from our network will compete to deliver your training.

It's training made easy. No need to speak to any training providers. No phone calls, no questions, no negotiation. It’s a no hassle approach to sourcing and booking training. 

Training Auction is quick and easy   

On average it takes just hours to book your training course through our online auction, against day’s offline.

That’s really quick. Partly because of our huge national network of training providers and partly because you avoid all the toing and froing with training providers and all the administration.  You avoid having to speak to training providers, briefing them on what you you’re looking and awkwardly negotiating costs. 

All that can take weeks but with Training Auction it take hours! You simply post your training requirement and the providers come to you the same day. What’s more, if you want to take advantage of our “managed service”, we’ll take the time to learn about your company and each training requirement, and relay that to the training providers you decide you want to engage who will be Training Auction audited and certified. What’s more is we can even bill you for the training so you don’t have to approve each and every training provider for payment! Something we’re told is a godsend, as getting a supplier set up for payment is administratively onerous and can take two weeks. What could be easier? 






I have used Training Auction to advertise my courses, it’s simple to use and opens me to a much larger market.


I booked grab wagon training through training auction it saved me lots of time and phone calls.

Gary Dodgson, Bramhall Surfacing Ltd

Training Auction helped me fill spaces on a course I was delivering at short notice, it was quick and simple. I am definitely using Training Auction again

Steve Lidford, SLL Plant & Quarry Training

I booked a PTLLs course through Training Auction at a great price

Eyton Solutions Ltd

I requested some training through Training Auction and within 24 hours was given several options at great prices, paying was simple too.

Ascardo Limited
Tell us what you want, when you want it and where you want it!
It’s so simple to find the perfect training course for you or your staff...

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