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Why are you different?

We are completely different in how we work! Instead of you searching through the endless courses on the web we allow you to simply say what course you want, where you want it and when, then you just carry on with your day and let the training providers submit prices to deliver your training. You then select the best one for you and make the booking. No hassle, no training providers getting your details. If you're in a rush don't worry it takes less than 2 minutes to start an auction and on average we get 5 bids within 30 mins!  


How do I make a training course booking?

There are two ways of booking a course on our website: 
Create your own training auction by simply telling us what you want, where and when. This will be sent to a large database of training providers who will submit bids. Select from one of the training providers’ bids that we’ll send to you. 
Or, take a look at the existing courses on the site using the easy search facility, and select the course you want.

How can I pay for a training course booking?

Once you’ve accepted a bid or chosen a course, simply contact the training provider direct and arrange payment direct, no middle man, no additional costs!!!

How much does it cost to use the service?

This is a completely free service, the only costs are what it costs for the course which is paid directly to the training provider


Are there any hidden costs?

No. What you see is what you pay, and that’s the same for any submitted auction bids. The only thing is that prices don’t include VAT, which will be added on at payment stage.

What happens after a booking has been confirmed?

Once your booking has been confirmed, we’ll send you an email with details about the course that you’ve booked and the training provider details. You then contact the training provider and arrange the rest direct. We’ll also send you a quick questionnaire, and you can leave a feedback score on the provider for others to see, so they can make an informed decision on whether to use them. This is an essential component of our continual improvement program, part of our commitment to providing the best training services.

What happens if I'm sick or have an emergency on the day of the training course and can't attend?

We understand that sickness and emergencies can’t be planned. We advise you are aware of the terms and conditions from your training provider as they are all different. If you can't make the course, contact the training provder immediately and discuss the alternatives directly.

What happens if I want to cancel a course booking?

We understand that course cancellations will happen from time to time. If you need to cancel a course your then please contact your provider immeadiately and work with the provider to try and accomadate, however you may be subject to fees please see the terms and conditions from your training provider. 

What happens if a training provider cancels a course?

Fortunately this is rare, but can happen. In the event of a cancellation, training providers will re-arrange the booking at another date and time acceptable to both parties and at the same value as the original booking. 

I’ve never attended a training course before. Are there any prerequisites for the course?

The majority of courses that we offer require no previous experience or qualifications. If you need any prior qualifications for any course, it is stated in the course outline description. You’ll need a good understanding of the English language for all courses unless requested.

Who issues my certificate after I have attended a training course?

Provided you successfully complete your training course, your certificate(s) will be forwarded from the training provider directly to you. If you haven’t received your certificates, please contact the training provider directly.

How long will it take for my certificate to arrive?

For non-examined courses, you’ll receive your certificate approximately two weeks after successful completion of the course. If you have attended a training course which is accredited by an awarding body you can expect your certificate to take up to can take up to 14 weeks. If you’re unsure please contact your training provider.

Why do the prices of the same course differ?

Different training course providers charge different prices, this is usually due to the location and the venue of the course.

I’m looking for a training course but can't find it on your web site?

If you can’t find a course that matches your requirement, simply create your own course by starting an auction, using our smart search bar. Training providers will contact you with bids to deliver the training: it’s that easy.

What if I have a complaint or query?

Customer service is of paramount importance to us, and we’re always available to resolve any complaints. Please contact us on enquiries@trainingauction.co.uk or complete the Contact box at the bottom of each page.

What do the different status’s mean on Training Providers?


Make sure you look for this status, Training providers have gone through an audit process to verify their accreditations. 


Pending Verification
This status is when Training providers have requested to be verified and the verification process is being completed.

This means Training Auction have not verified the Training Providers accreditations’



I have used Training Auction to advertise my courses, it’s simple to use and opens me to a much larger market.


I booked grab wagon training through training auction it saved me lots of time and phone calls.

Gary Dodgson, Bramhall Surfacing Ltd

Training Auction helped me fill spaces on a course I was delivering at short notice, it was quick and simple. I am definitely using Training Auction again

Steve Lidford, SLL Plant & Quarry Training

I booked a PTLLs course through Training Auction at a great price

Eyton Solutions Ltd

I requested some training through Training Auction and within 24 hours was given several options at great prices, paying was simple too.

Ascardo Limited
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